Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Hyperlinks 404

You can attach hyperlinks to graphic objects in your AutoCAD drawing. Hyperlinks are accessed by hovering over an entity; a hyperlink icon is displayed. Now, either Ctrl-Click to follow the link, or select the object, right-click, and select Hyperlink from the menu.

Hyperlinks can be links to websites (URLs). They can be email links. They can also be links to external files.

To add a hyperlink to an entity: select the entity, then either press Ctrl-K, or click on the Insert menu and choose Insert Hyperlink.

Enter the URL, email address, or file name. You can also select from Recent Files, previously Browsed Pages, or previously Inserted Links. You can set the Target location to take you to a named View in the current or linked (target) drawing. In the example above, a hyperlink is added to the column bubbles and linked to an external text file that has relevant notes regarding the grid for the project.

Another use of hyperlinks is adding "tool tips" to entities. For example add a hyperlink to a column line. Type the Column Number for the web page name. Now, when you hover over the column line, its designation appears like a tool tip so that, even if the column bubble designation is not visible on the screen, you still know which column you're working with.


At 1:14 PM , Blogger Astral said...

You cannot add a tooltip without a link, but you can replace the link with the # sign.

At 4:52 PM , Blogger Ward Romberger said...

I don't follow you Astral. All I do is type in the text I want for my "tool tip" in the "Type the file or Web page name:" edit box.

At 10:40 AM , Blogger mgee3 said...


At 9:33 PM , Blogger Ward Romberger said...

Mr Mgee,

Check your Options and enable "Display hyperlink cursor, tooltip, and shortcut menu" under the User Preferences tab.

At 11:22 AM , Anonymous digital signature said...

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