Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Boxing your Text

Use the Express Tool TCIRCLE to place a box around text.

Command: TCIRCLE
Select objects: [select your text]
Enter distance offset factor <0.35>: [Enter]
Enclose text with [Circles/Slots/Rectangles] <circles>: R
Create rectangles of constant or variable size [Constant/Variable] <variable>: C
Maintain constant rectangle [Width/Height/Both] <both>: [Enter]

Depending on your Text type, you will get different results with this tool. Whereas the TCIRCLE command works well on Mtext and individual lines of text, it doesn't do particularly well for paragraphs of Dtext. For this, consider using the TBGBOXTEXT command.

TCIRCLE and Mtext

TCIRCLE and Dtext


Note: the command TBGBOXTEXT is an older command on the Benham (my company) menu and as such is not available to non-Benham users.

You can choose to enclose your text with a rectangle (as above), a slot (shown below), or a circle.

The prompts for constant or variable size control whether TCIRCLE creates objects that just fit the selected text or are the same size for all selected text.

Using Slots with Constant size

Using Slots with Variable size


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Great tip, Ward!

Saved my bacon more than once :) (delete my link if you don'tlike it ... just tryin' to get the word out)

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thanks from Prague

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