Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Add Project Folders to Places

Create shortcuts to your frequently used project folders using the Places list along the left side of the standard AutoCAD file selection dialog box.

To add a shortcut, navigate to the desired folder and pick Tools > Add Current Folder to Places. By default, the new shortcut has the same name as the current folder. If you use a standard project folder structure this name may be next to useless, so take a moment to rename it by right-clicking on the shortcut, selecting Properties, and changing the Item name to something meaningful, like the project number.

Clicking a shortcut on the Places list takes you straight to your project CAD files. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200.

Bonus Tip: The Places list also has a History shortcut that allows you to quickly open previous drawings. This list can get really large. Autodesk recommends that you periodically remove unwanted history shortcuts to improve your performance.


At 2:06 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this tip! I've been using this trick for ages now, and I can't live without it.

In addition to this tip, there are times where you can have many phases of a project in separate folders... if you follow the above tip, your "Places List" can quickly become littered with DOZENS of shortcuts.

Here is what I do...

I will create a new folder either on our network, or on my C-Drive, and then create Shortcuts into that new folder for all the different project phases folders.

Then, while in AutoCAD, I will add my new folder to the "Places List" pane so that there is a single short-cut for all of those project phases shortcuts.

This makes navigating even eaiser

At 5:07 PM , Blogger Ward Romberger said...

How insanely clever! It takes additional clicks to get there this way, but if you're managing a large number of projects it is more efficient.

And, if the CAD manager for the organization were to maintain the shortcuts, then all the users would instantly have access to the current projects without having to create more than the one link to the shortcut repository.

Great idea anonymous.

At 10:26 AM , Anonymous Murray Clack said...

Anonymous here... (aka Murray Clack)

Yeah, it is one or two more clicks to get where you are going (via the shortcuts within the shortcuts), but it is such a time saver in that you don't waste so much time scrolling and scrolling and scrolling etc.


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