Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Match Property Settings

The AutoCAD Match Properties command, MATCHPROP, is an easy way to paint properties from existing objects onto other objects. Simply select the source object and its properties are applied to the target objects.

By default target objects take on the Color, Layer, Linetype, Linetype Scale, Lineweight, Thickness, and Plot Style of the source object. Some object types can take on additional properties from like source objects.

  • Dimension objects take on the Dimension Style of source Dimensions
  • Polylines can inherit global width and linetype generation properties from source Plines
  • Text receives the Text Style from source Text
  • Viewports match the On/Off, Display Locking, Scale, Shade Plot, Snap, Grip and UCS Icon visibility of the source Viewport
  • Hatches will become the source Hatch pattern and scale
  • Tables inherit Table Style from source Tables

Additionally, AutoCAD 2008 provides for painting properties from/to Multileaders which get Multileader Styles. And all annotative objects can match the annotative properties of source objects.

If you don't want all the properties from the source object, you can limit the painted properties by changing the Property Settings before selecting target entities.

Select source object:
Current active settings: Color Layer Ltype Ltscale ...
Select destination object(s) or [Settings]:

Enter an S (or Settings) at the Select destination objects prompt to get the Settings dialog.

Simply uncheck any property you don't want to apply to the source objects. For example: you want to change the target objects to match the source object's layer, but don't want to affect the linetypes; uncheck the Linetype property. Or, you want to apply the Hatch layer from one Hatch to another, but don't want to change the existing Hatch pattern; uncheck the Hatch box under Special Properties.


At 7:31 AM , Blogger CADD said...

Hi!! I was searching for help with the match property settings and I luckly found your blog! I have a question..For some reason my match properties between drawings are not working. I checked the match prop. settings in bouth dwgs, but it still does not work as it "should" when I try to match for example line weights it keeps asking me to select object...when I already have done that...Any suggestions? ( i am on autocad 2009) thanks so much!!

At 9:39 AM , Anonymous RKG said...

If I have a 2, 3, or 4 node layer in 2008 and I want to take the property of just one of those nodes (say the first), is there a way to do it?

For example, say I drew a wall on a "new" wall layer only to find that the wall exists and I want it on an "existing" wall layer.


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