Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Here I am to save the day...

SAVEALL (AutoCAD Express Tool)

This command will attempt to save all open drawings (without having to flip through each one), leaving the drawings open for continued editing. If a drawing has not yet been named, you're prompted for a file name.

CLOSEALL (just plain ol' AutoCAD)

All open drawings are closed. A message box is displayed for each unsaved drawing, in which you can save or discard any changes to the drawing before closing it.


Quick Save of the current drawing without prompting for file name, unless the current drawing has no name in which case the SAVEAS dialog is displayed. This is the command that's run when you select SAVE from the File pull down.


Save the current drawing to another name and change to that drawing.


Displays the SAVEAS dialog. Save the drawing as the current name or save as a copy under another name. AutoCAD stays in the current drawing. This command is only available from the keyboard.

There's only a slight variation between SAVE and SAVEAS. Did you spot it?